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Pathologic 2 Free Download

OVERVIEW Pathologic 2 is a narrative-driven dramatic thriller about fighting a deadly outbreak in a secluded rural town. The town is dying. Face the realities of a collapsing society as you make difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations. The plague isn’t just a disease. You can’t save everyone. The plague …

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Pathologic Classic HD Free Download

OVERVIEW Pathologic Classic HD is the Definitive Edition of the original Cult Classic Psychological First-Person Survival game. The game represents a unique and unforgettable experience as it transports players in a weird town which crouches, ominous, in the far reaches of an ancient steppe. It was once a small drover …

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Ben and Ed Free Download

OVERVIEW Ben and Ed is a 3D platformer, which takes place in an uncommon dystopian world. The player controls Ed the Zombie, who is forced to participate in a grotesque game show called “Rundead”.Will he beat all obstacles Hans Showmaster confronts him with, to save his best friend Ben? Survive deadly traps, well… you’re dead anyway! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Processor: Intel® Core …

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SOMA Free Download

OVERVIEW SOMA is a survival horror game released on September 22, 2015, that was created by the makers of Amnesia The Dark Descent. The game is based on a underwater research facility named PATHOS-2 with machinery that begings to take human characteristics. The player realizes later on that PATHOS-2 was a …

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Dead Space 2 Free Download

OVERVIEW Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game that was released in early 2011. It is set three years after the events of first Dead Space game. You start off as a player named Isaac Clarke and is played from a third person perspective. This article will tell you how …

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Dead Space Free Download

OVERVIEW Dead Space is a sci-fi horror action game tet in the distant future of 2002, you play as Isaac Clarke, a man with two dads: Isaac Newton and Arthur Clarke. Unlike many Sci-Fi protagonists, Isaac is a space Engineer, which is like a normal Engineer but in space. This game …

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